A Journey Through the Layers of Bologna
Author: Mary Tolaro-Noyes

In this on-line sample of one of the historic walks through Bologna in Mary Tolaro-Noyes' book, Bologna Reflections: An Uncommon Guide, you are invited to read her story and view some images of a marvelous and evocative city.

You can click on the map to progress from one leg of the walk to another (A-G on the map) or on the list of walks below the map.

If your browser does not support frames or if you would like to use the text only version, than please click here.

Please click on the Map to begin your journey into the layers of Bologna's history!

And, for your convenience, a two page, printable itinerary for when you go!

I invite your comments in English or Italian about what I have written.

Bologna Reflections: An Uncommon Guide by Mary Tolaro-Noyes.
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