Tourism Tips For Bologna, Italy

Use these tips to enjoy the beautiful Città Rossa.

When you are there
Tourist Offices In Bologna itself, the first place to go for information is the Tourist Information Bureau (IAT). There are three locations:
  1. Piazza Maggiore, 6: In Palazzo D'Agosta. Best place for obtaining lodgings as well.
  2. Central Railway Station
  3. Marconi International Airport
You can get maps, download Ospitalità 2010 Bologna città e provincia (which has all the lodging information), and lots more information. A must.
Lodging Assistance The Tourist Information Bureau (IAT) at Piazza Maggiore, 6, Palazzo D'Agosta is the best place to obtain lodging assistance.
Provincial Tourist Office The office for Bologna Provincial Tourism is at Via de' Castagnoli, 3 in Bologna.
Important Numbers
  1. Police:    xxx
  2. Fire:
  3. Taxi:
  4. Health Emergency: 118
Most useful bus lines
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  2. tbd
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Before you go
Lodging For lodging, the best source of information is an Acrobat PDF file you can download here: Ospitalità 2010 Bologna città e provincia . The legends in the front are in both Italian and English. The lists are in Italian but with the icons and legend, it is easily usable by English speakers.

The lodging information above comes from the official Bologna Provincial Toursim site. Unfortunately, its English version is 'still under construction'. If the link above does not work, they may have moved it. You can get to it on the Italian site and following these steps:

  1. Under Ospitalità on the left side click dove domire (where to sleep).
  2. On that page click the link consulta la banca dati.
  3. On the left side should be Ospitalità (pdf) which will be correct.
Information Bologna Bologna Tourist Office (English page: If link does not work, use the Italian language Bologna Tourist Office home page and select English at the top.)

As noted above, when in Bologna, all offices have a great free map of the city. The Piazza Maggiore office can assist with arranging lodging as well.

Information Province of Bologna Bologna Provincial Toursim is the site for the province including cities outside of Bologna. Unfortunately, its English version is 'still under construction'. However, it provides a number of great services not available in just the city of Bologna.
Information Region of Emilia Romagna Emilia Romagna Tourism is the English site for the region of Emilia Romagna which contains Bologna. The Italian site is Emilia Romagna Tourism and you can select English tab if the preceding link does not work.

Ristorante/Trattoria/Osteria Recommendations
1 1 details
2 2 details

Lodging Recommendations
1 1 details
2 2 details

If You Only Have A Couple of Days . . .
1 1 details
2 2 details

I am a writer and have published a book Bologna Reflections: An Uncommon Guide will be enjoyable to armchair travelers and prospective visitors as well. You may also enjoy my writings on Sicily.

I invite your comments in English or Italian about Bologna -- or about what I have written.

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